last nights performance ♥ soul as a rainbowx

But seriously, exams suck .

i can’t take it anymoooooooore… physics is up next and i don’t wanna study..

Ook, sooo I was kinda bored haha

Young & Beautiful - Mary Sutherland (cover)
Young & Beautiful - Mary Sutherland (cover)

I just uploaded it xx
Go check out my cover of young and beautiful <3

preview of what i&#8217;ve been working on today hahaYou&#8217;ll get a look at the whole thing tommorow xx#NewCoverComing

Obessions ♡

No1  5 Seconds Of Summer aka 5sos


but just look at how weird and cute they are and always have been!

hhfbvkuesri moving on now…

No2  Rhythmic Gymnastics

but Anna Bessonova knows how to do that shit hah
imageand this is me haha I’ve been doing rhythmic gymnastics since i was 4 years old and it’s my ultimate obsession i guess ♡
but I’m nothing like a proffessional..

No3  One Direction

No wonder why! Who can not be obsessed with 1D. these boys are just loveable haha

my fetus feels, HEEEELP

No 4 Magcon Boys 

God these idiots…how much i love theeeeem wdjhbrvfubwerlk

image*drum rooooooooll*

I just fell on the floor,      crying ……….. uhebdvfwure

No 5  Taylor Swift
such a great idol and such a sweetheart ♡ and what a talent.image

No 6 The Hunger Games trilogy!
one love x



Obsession No 7 and THE most important one, is my group of friends ♡

They do not know i am posting a picture of them here and they will hate me when they figure it out but i love them sooo much xx

Konnu is not in this picture but she belongs in our team and i just need to say that she is one of the loves of my life! ♡

I hope i didn’t forget anything haha i probably did, but i think this is enough for now x

Introducing Me And My Blog!

Hi there!
So I basically tried to post a video here in which i was saying all these things that you are about to read but shit went wrong haha and after all i can’t post it…
I just wanted to tell you a few things about what this blog is going to be all about. It’s just gonna me about the WEIRD MARY SUTHERLAND aka me, my obsessions , my youtube covers and my songwriting and singing as well as this summer’s adventures;) Wow, summer is so close haha
Uhm, yeah that’s all I wanted to say and i hope you will support me and we can have fun!!
you can ask me anything you want to know in my ask box and here : http://ask.fm/MarySutherland

also check out my 
youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MarySutherland9
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ILY :)